Draft Advertising budget to client for reveiw…

Client review ad budget

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
Where to spend the advertising dollar?  Depends.
First cycle?  What magazines sit on the coffee table in your clients’ reception area?  Ask your clients what they are reading, electronic and print media.  Where do you find the subject matter related to your products and services?  Any associations focused in your market area?
Second Cycle? Assess and measure and review the performance of the past cycle’s placements.  How do you know?  You have to ask.  Otherwise its best-guesswork.  Advertising is a tough measure for ROI.  Metrics are available for electronic media, but should we disregard the prominence of print media?  Not in this industry and not in this generation.

Therefore, our advertising budgets to our clients are built on experience, data and guts.  And feedback and discourse – we embrace the fact that we’re not the only smart people in the room – our clients are our best resource.

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