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We bridge the span between construction and marketing

Practical yet creative, Construct Marketing provides the resources of a marketing department, to contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and engineers for gaining a competitive advantage in the heavy construction industry.


Construct Marketing manages marketing programs for companies operating in the heavy construction industry.   Our goal is to organize and manage components to prime a client's promotional engine and keep it running strong.  Every day we work with clients to plan, develop and deploy marketing assets consistently and effectively in the construction sector.



We wouldn't work anywhere else.  Construction is what we love and the Construction Industry is what we know.  Our expertise in navigating these waters is inherent in every component of our work.  Our relationships, our knowledge, our assets are all tuned in to gaining a competitive advantage in the construction sector for our clients.

About Us

Think of us as your marketing department

The all-in-one solution


The flow of your company story via optimal channels is vital to successful marketing.  Communicate professionally, message consistently and disseminate strategically.


What sets you apart from the competition?  Express that professionally in your company communications, optics and express your culture in your marketing - and gain the competitive edge.


Position strategically, design creatively, communicate effectively and budget accordingly.
Manage efficiently. Evaluate.  Repeat.


Design is the difference maker in all things marketing.
Consistent, creative professional design shows the world you mean business.

Materials and Collateral

Look like someone you want to do business with.  Communicate what you with strength and clarity.

Website Development

Planning and development of the right website for what your company has to offer.  From inception through launch and throughout growth - tell your story, get found.

Social Media

Integrate and sustain a social media campaign that creates interest in what you do and promotes the capabilities of your company.

Video & Photography

Start asset building here.  Whether your PM or a professional photographer-videographer, get the shots that show what you can do.

Exhibits & Conference Planning

We see the events coming, we get our clients in, ready to show.  We get your display & materials to the event so you can focus on building relationships.  We sweat the details.


What does it take to be remembered? We've got some ideas and we've got experience.  Practical and creative.

Public Relations

Our experience and resources are an asset at our clients' disposal. Our relationships and lists disseminate effectively through the construction industry.
Tell your story.

Industry Associations

Associations are and asset and a resource.  Manage this channel effectively for marketing, promotion, and communications, but most importantly, relationship building.

Content Line


Dedicated Voicemail line to record content for Social Media, Blogs, Articles, Press Releases, Case Histories, etc.

Tell your story: Construct Marketing will transcribe, draft, edit and return for revision/approval.


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Content Builder

Free tool for use in developing content for Social Media, Blogs, Articles, Press Releases, Case Histories ...


A series of questions for civil works projects will extract the facts and fundamentals to start getting your content drafted.
At the end you get an e-mail with the questions and your answers. You take it from there.
Share with your team for their additions.

Tell your story.