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We bridge the span between construction and marketing

Think of us as your marketing department


Every client is different, so some elements may be effective for one client but not as effective for another. The one common thread is, for any organization seeking an effective marketing program, success is dependent upon execution of its parts. Social Media will not succeed without content flow. Advertising will not distinguish without a commitment to photography. Branding will not communicate strength without strong creative. And so on, and so on.


So what’s the dialog between your company and the industry?

What's your message?
What's your Brand?

Strong, clear communication inspires.

Consistent communication reinforces.


All clients are different and Construct's goal is to deploy creative services appropriate for a client's needs and economics.

Job sheets / Info cards
Exhibit Display


Who is the client? Where is the client? Be there.

What assets do we have to assemble to create the strongest campaign possible?
Photography + Design + Message = Brand communication to the market.

Planning, campaign business and the placement of advertising across strategic channels is professionally handled by Construct Marketing.

Planning, Creative, Management.
Cycle, assess, repeat.

Engineering firm marketing plan

Industry Media

What magazines are on your clients’ desks? Get in those pages. Construct will make happen.

What websites do they visit? Get on those sites. Construct will strategize.

Be prepared to tell your stories, Construct will help.

Press release on a regular basis. Release to
associations, industry publications and internet services.

We've got the relationships and the processes. Make them your competitive advantage.


A consistent flow of content is critical to the success of a marketing program.

Content feeds everything else. Steady content production is the difference between 'doing some marketing' and constructing a marketing engine that perpetuates your communications into the marketplace for your products and services.

Tell your story.

Website & SEO

Concept through launch and growth.

Design, programming & strategy.

We specialize in WordPress sites where the client can control and update their own websites.

Utilize Search Engine Optimization practices, a dynamic website, a flow of content, strong social media activity, digital marketing campaigns including Google Ad Words and GET FOUND!


Plan and disseminate informational promotional e-mails, direct mailers.
Deploy the elements at your disposal: content, creative, photography, social media, etc., to support and schedule regular strong promotional communications.

Not trendy, not sexy.
Like us.

Social Media

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are all powerful promotional tools if used effectively.

With Construct Marketing's help, utilize each strategically to flow your communications into focused market areas and reach your key demographic.

We have internal and external experts in Social Media to make your campaign focused and relevant.

Industry Events

We quarterback the conferences and events for many clients.
We see them coming. We get in early and get the choice exhibit spots. We strategize advertising and sponsorship.

We get the booth there. We get the handout materials there. Client attendees show up and focus on the communications and relationship building, not event details. We procure hotel rooms. Nothing's worse than staying at the Clarion down the street from the event property.

On various occasions, we have monitored a call for abstracts/papers. On a few occasions, we have drafted the abstract to get the ball rolling. Whatever it takes!


Manage memberships into a competitive advantage.

  • Take full advantage of the services.
  • Strengthen visibility and public relations.

Photography & Video

Essential piece of today's digital marketing environment.

Concept and production.

Experienced construction
site videography.

Asset Management

In the support of an agile and well-resourced marketing capability, we endeavor to centralize and organize client marketing files. Having access to a shared collection of photos, archives, and collateral, sets the marketing program up for success. Centralized assets facilitate building "on brand" and not needing to reinvent creative elements and communications to meet collateral needs. Photos centralized in a Dropbox folder, for example, ensure every marketing project has the best and full catalog of images at hand for creative use. No more, "Does Sue have that photo? Does Bob?"
HERE is a case history of our experience with centralizing a client's electronic assets on Dropbox.


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