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What we offer

We bridge the span between construction and marketing

Think of us as your marketing department

Public Relations

Not a product in itself, but an engineered outcome that drives everything else here.

Make our assets your assets such as our 1000+ editor presslist of construction puplications.

PR is about relationships.


So what’s the dialog between your company and the industry?

What's your message?


Your marketing, communications and the culture of your organization.

How does the market see you?

Who are you?

Advertising Campaign

Concept, design, insertion.
Communicate with publishers.


Industry Events

We quarterback the exhibits and events for clients.
We see them coming. We get in early and get the choice spots.
We strategize advertising and sponsorship.

Client attendees show up and focus on the relationship building, not event details.

We got the booth there. We ordered the furniture, the electric. Details: check!

Marketing Program Infrastructure

The difference between “doing some marketing” and “running a marketing engine”. The fundamentals...

  • Data: Client data... Industry data... A crucial tool for communications and marketing. Manage it as an essential asset.
  • Photography: A need of every point of this sheet.
    Don’t miss an opportunity to compile strong imagery.
  • Content: From copywriting to social media streams:
    Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.
  • Management: Plan, Budget & Schedule. Revise.

Design & Publishing

Design, concept, drafting, copywriting, layout, editing, printing and distribution for all print and electronic media.




Job sheets / Info cards


Exhibit Display


Direct mail

Not trendy, not sexy.
Like us.


Essential piece of today's digital marketing environment.

Concept and production.

Experienced construction
site videography.


Reach your contacts economically and regularly.

Industry Associations

Manage memberships into a competitive advantage.

  • Take full advantage of the services.
  • Strengthen visibility and public relations.


What magazines are on your clients’ desks? Get in those pages.

What websites do they visit? Get on those sites.

Be prepared to tell your stories.

Press release on a regular basis. Release to
associations, publications and internet services.

Increase your name in print.

Cultivate relationships with editors.

Strategize with advertising.

Social Media

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are all potential marketing tools.

Use each one to to be effective and build a following in the process.

We have internal and external experts in Social Media to make your campaign focused and relevant.

Website Development

Concept through launch.

Design, programming & strategy.

We specialize in WordPress sites where client can control and update their own websites.

Use your website as a tool to create marketing synergy, integrated with social media and optimized for search engines.
Get found!


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