A Brief Summary of us

Construct Marketing LLC


A creative construction industry company that provides the resources of a marketing department for industry contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and engineering firms.

  • Branding & Collateral Development
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Design
  • Social Media
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Conference/Event Preparation
  • Video & Photography

Conceive.  Develop.  Deliver.

Six things we want you to know …

  1. Being practical, present and steady towards a client's end goal is our end goal.  Be an asset for the client.

  2. We believe the client is the greatest resource to deliver an effective marketing program.
  3. Our competencies make us efficient to organize and deploy components for effective marketing, but the client is the key.
  4. Authentic messaging and consistently disseminating communication of value as a means to establishing leadership is effective marketing.
  5. The elements of the marketing program must be tuned in for the client's market and appropriate for the client's brand.
  6. Knowing well the environment of the construction business and the peculiarities and assets of the marketing world is what makes Construct Marketing effective construction industry marketing specialists.   This is what makes Construct Marketing a powerful marketing department for any Contractor, Supplier, Manufacturer or Engineering Firm.

Value proposition

Why Construct Marketing?  The events, publications, channels used to convey construction industry information are known to us.  That's the asset we can provide to you.   As experts in navigating the construction industry waters, we work with an organization's principals to conceive and deliver programming that reflects your brand in a way that is attuned to the construction industry market.  This becomes your competitive advantage.

As we grow and learn more about a client and tune in to how your brand is best presented to the market, our goal is to be an extension of a principal's desk, and deploy a vibrant and consistent marketing engine to empower a client's brand.


Construct Marketing clients are relationships built on trust allowing us the opportunity to work as an extension of their company.  Together with the client principals on budget and direction, and using the resources of the client, i.e. knowledge and experience, Construct manages client a marketing program with ownership and accountability.  Every client is different when it comes to a comfortable level of collaboration, and our objective is to find that level.

When we can manage a client's marketing programming through a series of cycles and learn about the client needs, the specific market environment and build upon that knowledge, we can be increasingly effective on a client's behalf.  With each cycle, we can combine experience, client feedback and the growing relationship to tune in the marketing to achieve stronger results.

When we say, "we get a client's marketing engine running and keep it running", this is what we mean.

Our Mission

To know our client.  To know our client's client.

To have and continually refine an understanding of the client's market environment.

To bring to bear the client's own knowledge and personnel combined with our own tools and experience to conceive and deploy effective marketing elements as part of a strong and consistent marketing program.

Above all it is our mission to be an asset to our client.

George R. Compton III

Principal, Construct Marketing, LLC

Construct Marketing LLC
Initiated to provide contractors, engineering firms, suppliers and manufacturers with marketing strategy and tools to develop business in the heavy civil construction industry. Our approach is to create marketing components and strategy through the confluence of our knowledge and the client's and be our client's marketing department.

Companies working in the heavy construction industry face a special set of challenges and a unique industry dynamic. An understanding of these challenges and the specialized climate of the construction industry is an advantage we have over general marketing firms - an advantage clients can use to distinguish themselves from their competition.

Executive Director
Deep Foundations Institute
1992 – 2006
The Deep Foundations Institute is a 2000+ member International not-for-profit association of contractors, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, owners and academia.

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