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01 Nov 2022
Heavy Construction Marketing Team

A Contractor’s Perspective: Involve Everyone in Your Organization

A dozen or so years ago (who’s counting?) I co-wrote an article aimed at marketing and the heavy civil construction industry. Luckily I had 40-year veteran project manager Paul Cunningham of Skanska Underpinning and Foundation to help me bring the contractors’ perspective. Paul is currently with Tutor Perini Civil, working as Project Controls Manager.  With some revisions and Paul’s blessing, the revised article follows…   Involve everyone in your organization Imagine a typical construction firm with no marketing department, no […]

09 May 2022

Why is Content King?

You may have heard the phrase, ‘Content is King’.  Trite, cute marketing nonsense, right? Big, Fat NO. Undoubtedly this is for retail and service industries, not the heavy construction industry, right? Double, BIG, FAT NO. To begin with, we know the construction industry runs on word of mouth.  “Who’s doing what” “What happened on ‘x’ project” “Project ‘y’ just started and who’s on it.”  Consequently, in heavy construction, the breadth and scope and chatter of the work of your latest […]

04 Apr 2022
Comstruction Company Internal Marketing Team

Create an Internal Marketing Team for Brand Authenticity

A dozen or so years ago, I co-wrote an article aimed at marketing with your internal resources in the heavy civil construction industry.  Luckily I had Paul Cunningham of Underpinning and Foundation Skanska to help me bring a contractor’s perspective.  We’ve both learned a little something since then.  Paul, now with Tudor Perini, helped me dust this off and gussy it up for 2022.  Thank you Paul!   Create an Internal Marketing Team for Brand Authenticity Paul Cunningham, Tudor Perini […]

20 Feb 2022
Construction Press Release

How to Write a Press Release for the Construction Industry Media

With sincere thanks to Jill Harris, of Lester Communications, Editor of Piledriver and Piling Canada Magazine, and to Scot Litke, Executive Director Emeritus ADSC International Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors, and former Editor of Foundation Drilling Magazine, for their contributions to this article. Construction is largely a word-of-mouth industry.  The construction industry media is an opportunity to get your company’s activities read, re-told, and amplified.  However, it starts with a press release to pique the interest of an editor or […]

09 Jan 2022
Construction Press Release Sample

Sample Construction Industry Press Release

The following is a sample press release for use in modeling your own construction industry news release.  The project and names are fictional.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ABC Construction Corporation Completes $3.5M Value-Engineered Driven Pile Project in Denver, CO   Denver, CO – September 8th 2021, 5:12 PM MST – ABC Construction Corporation shut down its D-180 Diesel hammer on completing the installation of the final H-pile driven on the Denver Metropolitan Airport Terminal Expansion project.  A total of 2,500 […]

22 Aug 2021
Social media in the Construction industry

Social Medusa

Take the horror and myth out of Social Media.  It’s simple, “Tell people what you do, and who you are”.  Engage.  Repeat. I know – It’s scary.  It is a commitment of time and coordination of talents and resources. However, when done right, social media is a powerful promotional tool that can project your brand into the marketplace effectively and on message. Perhaps to the uninitiated, the Number 1 challenge is the daunting number of options: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, […]

14 Jun 2021
Construction Advertising Strategy

Advertising with Purpose: Plan and Avoid These 8 Mistakes

Advertising should be about getting the most reach, as close as possible to the target demographic, for the best budget. That’s the goal. Campaign Plan Do you know the difference between pushing rope and pulling rope?  Pulling rope is leading; knowing where you’re going.  Pushing rope is a sure way to waste time and effort.  Advertising without a campaign plan is pushing rope. A campaign plan defines who are you planning to reach, the strategy to do so and the […]

30 Apr 2021
Construction Project Manager doubling as Photographers

Get Better Construction Photography From Your Construction Projects

Curious how to get the best photos out of every job? Read on… Pass on too.  The more of your people on your sites with cameras and basic photography knowledge = deeper photography asset. Safety Check with Superintendent as to what Safety orientation classes are required for the site and get your sticker if required. Wear all required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Have a talk with the Project Manager (if present), site EHS Manager (Environment, Health & Safety),  Superintendent and […]

03 Feb 2021

Construction Associations – What’s in it for me?

At their best, associations are a microcosm of their industry.  “What’s in it for me?” you ask? Construct Marketing Principal George Compton spent the first 15 years of his career at the head of a professional association in the heavy construction industry.  Here is his answer…   Listening It’s a great place to listen.  To me, listening is synonymous with learning.  An association can offer layers of opportunities for listening.  Listening in the conference presentations is one thing, but pretty […]

12 Nov 2020

Before you Hire a Website Developer, Answer These Questions About your Project…

Ten years ago, Construct Marketing developed an”interview” to help clients understand the needs of a website development project, create a clear vision, and define expectations for a project’s outcome.  We’ve expanded on this to give readers a running start on their website development projects with some developer’s perspective and experiences.  Investing a little time now will pay significant dividends in the development and programming phase, and ultimately the outcome, by reducing gray areas and assumptions. Get a yellow pad of […]