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12 Mar 2020

Company Newsletter – too 1975?

Call me old-fashioned, but I love the company newsletter. Purpose Driven While you’re at it, call me a sneaky bastard because when I tell sales guys, PM’s and principals I need photos or job stories, I get a little here a little there.  When I tell those same individuals I need their job story on “x” with photos for the “Summer newsletter,” and Sam, Mary, and Enquique have committed to content contributions, I get their story on X with photos.  […]

09 May 2018

Construct gets client project published. Again. Relentlessly.

Engineers and contractors – I’ve been working with them my entire life. My dad was one. When it comes to getting words to paper, construction content, telling the world what they can do – its not their strength, if you’ll permit me to generalize. “Don’t hide your light under a candle.” – Mama Compton We all have our skills. We go to our strengths. Getting construction content out of construction people is mine.  I have seen the biggest, baddest, toughest, “I’ll […]

25 Jun 2017

Press Release: Client Announcement

To maximize exposure for a developing product, Construct Marketing wrote and issued a press release on our client’s behalf. The release was disseminated via our own 500+ editor construction industry media presslist and through PR Web’s Newswire service. See example here. Construct Marketing press releases not only serve to disseminate information through industry channels but also to take advantage of the general press’ interest in construction items. This increases reach and increases website traffic. As media outlets and platforms pick […]