09 May 2018

CM gets client project published. Again.

Let’s just say engineers aren’t renowned for their literary skills.  I respect the @#$*! out of engineers and contractors.  Been working with them my entire life.  My dad was one.  But when it comes to getting words to paper, self-promotion, even sales, well, you might say its about the same thing as the results of design-build project engineered and constructed by the marketing guys.  We all have our skills. We go to our strengths, hopefully.  Getting construction content out of construction people is […]

22 Feb 2018

Simple Task: Client E-mail Blast Next Week…

The process works if the client is a partner. Which means it started today reminding everyone that the e-mail was going out next week.  Everyone’s contributions would be due next Tuesday. Well, then again it probably started about a month ago. We e-mailed everyone for the first time to “Get ready to get ready! Think about it!” The day before that I communicated with the client principals to plan for startegic content. Now that I think about it, months before that that we went […]

07 Oct 2017

Conference Concierge: Table for 15 in NOLA

We know that our client is going in to a city where reservations at the good restaurants can be tough.  Good thing we know earlier than most folks realize they may want to go out in the big easy where the cuisine is some of the best in the world. So we shot our client 3 dining options for the french Quarter New Orleans: Fancy Fancy restaurant from one of the original celebrity chefs in America. Old OLD dining establishment […]

06 Oct 2017

Update Construction Directory Client Listing

Construction directories are an effective means of being the right place when clients what to find prices, or new suppliers, or providers of services.  Professional associations and construction publications provide targeted market sectors to place your company information into your focus demographic.  Deadlines to be in and update these directory listings come and go and a simple ‘yeah fine’ may cause you to miss out on maximizing the benefit of the directory listing or worse publishing an error in the […]

19 Sep 2017
organize client assets

Create DropBox Folder to organize client marketing assets.

When we started with “Client X” their website developer turned out to be, ‘not so ‘straight-up’.  The client didn’t even have a backup of their website and the developer wouldn’t provide the files.  We and the client had to start over.  After finishing the new website, we placed a copy of the website files in a website backup folder on Dropbox.  We also created a photography folder and a collateral folder to organize all the critical marketing assets in a DropBox folder and shared it […]

16 Sep 2017
SCORE Learning

SCORE: Digital Marketing Master class 6 of 6

This digital marketing class is amazing. SCORE is amazing. I’m very glad to be sitting in the New York Public Library Science Industry and Business Library getting reinforcement of my own findings of the past eleven years. You can teach an old dog new tricks. The environment of Digital Marketing is always changing. See farther than others by standing on the shoulders of giants. Always Be Learning.  Five more classes to go. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Here’s what I […]

05 Sep 2017

Pipelines Week Conference: Summary & pricing for client…

To exhibit or not exhibit?  To go or not to go?  To send or not to send?  To spend or not to spend? Attending conferences and exhibiting at conferences have a cost. It’s not just the Exhibit Fee, the registrations, the Hotel, and travel, but the cost of personnel out of the office, or the investment of a company’s people at said event over the next best opportunity. Before committing to an event, we get our clients the information that […]

30 Aug 2017

Book Premium Ad Space: PileBuck Construction Registry…

Get in early, know the gatekeepers. Construct Marketing locked up a premium space for one of its clients this week after jumping on an email from a principal contact regarding the new PileBuck construction registry.  In addition to the ad there will also be a listing for the client company and Construct will review and proof the listing for accuracy, errors and improve/supply any needed copy. Check it out: www.constructionregistry.com.

25 Jun 2017

2018 Ad Insertion Orders: Prepare & Review…

The nuts and bolts of running an advertising campaign.  How do the new prices compare to the previous cycle?  Are Construct’s clients getting the best placement possible?  Are we taking advantage of any editorial opportunities that, while not quid pro quo in journalism, nonetheless build on top of relationships we have with various construction industry titles, and if we can get some copy space, we will? As for the insertion orders, following the advertising budget we ensure the best for […]

25 Jun 2017
Client review ad budget

Draft Advertising budget to client for reveiw…

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Where to spend the advertising dollar?  Depends. First cycle?  What magazines sit on the coffee table in your clients’ reception area?  Ask your clients what they are reading, electronic and print media.  Where do you find the subject matter related to your products and services?  Any associations focused in your market area? Second Cycle? Assess and measure and review the performance of the past cycle’s placements.  How do you know?  You have to ask.  Otherwise its best-guesswork. […]

25 Jun 2017
Construct Marketing Press Release

Press Release: Client Product Announcement

To maximize exposure for a developing product, Construct wrote and issued a press release which was disseminated via our own 500+ editor construction industry Presslist (ConstructPressList) as well as through PR Web’s Newswire which was picked up by hundreds of news outlets.  Construct Marketing press releases not only serve to disseminate information through industry channels, although this is primary, but also to take advantage of general press’ interest in construction items, creating backlinks  and enhancing website traffic and accordingly search […]

10 May 2017

Client event needs some Promotion!

Construct Marketing to the rescue! The data is ready because we didn’t just wake up and decide to do some marketing.  We’ve been building this clients database for years. An e-mail seems like the best Step #1, and luckily we’ve got a good understanding of the subject matter because we are persistent question askers and really insist on understanding our client’s products and services and value proposition and market every step of the way.  We also have the Photography because […]

02 May 2017

Ad artwork revisions for client

In house revision to the copy for ad artwork. Updates to text and resubmit to ad editors. Construct Marketing keeping it fresh!      

25 Oct 2016

New Display picked up at Skyline. Delivered & set up.

There are many vendors with whom we have long relationships.  Skyline displays is one of them. So when a client decided to make changes to their display banners, right before a conference exhibit, we could make it happen. Our experience with the production process, our relationships with the vendor personnel and luckily our own proximity to the vendor and the event made this possible. Construct Marketing’s event/conference and exhibition experience tends to pay off time and time again.  This was […]