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  PROJECT DATA General Contractor: City, State: Contact & Info: Foundations Contactor: City, State: Contact: Project Engineer: City, State: Contact: Geotechnical Engineer: City, State: Contact: Testing Services Company: City, State: Contact: Owner: City, State: Contact: Client: City, State: Contact:   Is the Project Design Build? Is the Project Value Engineered?   GENERAL PROJECT OVERVIEW

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  • Quantity: Please expand answers where possible.


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  • Equipment AND Features/Detail: (Drive force, eccentric moment, torque, ft-lbs? ram weight? etc.)
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  • Also ask about the work: (Who can help fill in the blanks here, add some information to the story?)


  • Ground Profile:
  • Why this Equipment:
  • Why this Material:
  • Why this Foundation:
  • Benefits/Advantages to this Foundation type:
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