Sample Construction Industry Press Release

Construction Press Release Sample

The following is a sample press release for use in modeling your own construction industry news release. 
The project and names are fictional.



ABC Construction Corporation Completes $3.5M Value-Engineered Driven Pile Project in Denver, CO


Denver, CO – September 8th 2021, 5:12 PM MST – ABC Construction Corporation shut down its D-180 Diesel hammer on completing the installation of the final H-pile driven on the Denver Metropolitan Airport Terminal Expansion project.  A total of 2,500 piles were driven with an average length of 80’.  The project owner is the City & County of Denver, Department of Aviation.  The terminal expansion is part of phase 1 of the overall Airport expansion contract managed by Wensh Construction CM.


The strength of the partnerships that ABC Construction Corporation has maintained with Equipment manufacturer Simeon Piledriving and Drilling Equipment, and engineering firm Aiell Engineering, gave ABC the confidence to proceed with the project as bid.  However, wanting to save the project 500K, ABC proposed a redesign of the foundation with Aiell’s and Simeon’s assistance, and the VE foundation plan was signed off by MC Wensh and the Denver Department of Aviation.

Piledriving commenced in July 2019, with two cranes set up with ABC’s own Laser D180 Diesel Pile hammers.  The 2,500 lb hammers provide a 139-inch stroke at a 440,311 ft-lbs maximum rated energy.  Forrester Steel of Aurora, CO, supplied the 8” inch and 10” H-piles.  The soil profile showed glacial til, sands, and clays.

Geotechnical engineering firm AAA Engineering of Fort Collins conducted PDA tests and provided inspection oversight of the piledriving subcontract.

According to Wensh President John Cavanaugh, “Subcontractor ABC saved the project considerable budget and schedule with their Value Engineering redesign.  Their production was steady and met their shortened schedule.  This allowed the structural phase to make great headway before the deep winter months.  Also, completion of a contract with zero on-site incidents is always worthy of reporting, and we congratulate them on their performance.”

ABC reports that, as of the conclusion of the piledriving work, the company marked and passed 140,000 hours without a safety incident.


YouTube: Installation Video
Dropbox of Project Photos: HERE


Company information

ABC Construction Corporation is a contractor offering driven and drilled foundation installation services. Founded in 1981, ABC’s #1 commitment is to safety.  ABC operates an equipment fleet with an average age of 2.5 years of service, which is maintained by technicians with over 100 years of combined experience.  The company is a member of the PDCA, DFI, and ADSC, and is dedicated to maintaining and improving both the state of the practice and productivity.



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