APE Unveils New Product Line: Series 5 Hydraulic Impact Hammer (HIH)


Kent, WA, September 17, 2021  – American Piledriving Equipment (APE) is announcing the release and immediate availability of the Series 5 Hydraulic Impact Hammer (HIH) product line.  The line comprises 4 new models including the Model 15-5 HIH, the Model 20-5 HIH, the Model 25-5 HIH, and the Model 30-5 HIH.

Two concepts devised by American Piledriving Equipment, Inc., would drive the design of the series 5, the newest of the APE Hydraulic impact hammer line.  segmented ram weight and incorporating built-in accumulators.  One provides versatility in the field, the other added performance and durability.

The new hammers fit up in the same leads as the APE 7-4, 8-4, and 10-4 HIH models – The frame is different.  The ram weights are segmented to provide versatility in drive force.  The hammer is relatively easy to convert from 15 to 30 tons.  The new stroke is increased to 5ft which results in a 20% increase in force compared to the Series 4, (4ft stroke) models.  In terms of power density – its weight-to-power ratio is the best in its class.

The accumulators are a new feature and provide several advantages.   The hose surge that is inherent with hydraulic impact hammers is dampened substantially.  The stored energy at the top of the stroke decreases the turnaround time, as well as providing an added volume of fluid to keep the lifting cylinder positively charged.  Overall this feature helps protect the investment while improving its performance.

New variable stroke control:  Series 5 HIH’s also have a transmitter to set dwell and stroke with auto mode and manual mode. In manual mode, the variable stroke control allows the operator to raise and drop the hammer, one blow at a time with the push of a button.  In auto mode the operator can set the stroke time and the dwell time on the fly to achieve the performance best suited for the specific pile driving application.  The logic and timing functions are integral to the power unit system which eliminates the need for to a separate blow count box, which is much more cumbersome. Set stroke time, sets the height of the lift, dwell time sets the interval between lifts.

The majority of parts are interchangeable within the Series 5 product line.  Each HIH model is compact and will fit in a number of configurations, mast, guided leads, flying leads w/helmet, or mounted to a forklift for low headroom applications. The efficient and robust design is easy to operate and maintain, it is simple and straightforward.





Source: American Piledriving Equipment, Inc.

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