APE Unveils New Product Line: 300 Series Vibratory Piledriver/Extractor

Kent, WA, October 2, September 17, 2021  – American Piledriving Equipment (APE) is announcing the release and immediate availability of the  300 Series Vibratory Driver/Extractor (Vibro) product line.  Three new models comprise the new line, the Model 300-6, the Model 300-4, and the 300-2.  The difference between the 3 models is in the number of eccentrics powering the amplitude and directly related to the force output of each model.  The 300-2 has an eccentric moment of X, 300-4 has an eccentric moment of Y, 300-6 has an eccentric moment of Z.[The preceding underlined is a placeholder written by GC as we need to delineate the differences between the 3 models.  I wrote the preceeding to be replaced by the salient description of the mechanics and numbers that would be sought as a reference by contractors. -G]

The APE 300 Series Vibratory Piledriver/Extractor

APE has concentrated multiple innovations and refinements into the new line of vibratory piledriver/extractors the sum of which deliver increased power density, longer run times, and improved heat management.  The 300 series will have the highest driving force in its class.  The introduction of new technology to speed through the deceleration of the equipment addresses the problematic “vibro shudder” during shut-down.

The highest driving force in its class, all three models realize improvements that will mean productivity gains for the contractor.  The engineering of the new vibros provides increased power density.  A light gearbox, with more symmetry efficiency, decreases the vibrating mass per eccentric moment.  The advanced 2-stage suppressor profers better balance over other vibros, rests straight, and with increased symmetry, hangs over the center of gravity better.  The combination of these improvements alone results in more energy efficiency, allowing more energy into every pile.

A new variable deceleration feature stops a vibro faster, greatly diminishing stress on the crane.  All vibros when going from full speed to zero or zero to full speed, experience violent shake at a point in the acceleration/deceleration where the amplitude is very high. During this moment, APE’s 2 stage suppressor helps lessen vibration into the crane considerably.  In the 300 series vibros, APE has introduced hydrodynamic braking, to decrease deceleration time through this high amplitude period.  This innovation has dramatically reduced the “shutdown shake”.

Silverback Technology is a term uses to describe what their engineering team has done to convert steel bearing covers into aluminum cooling heat exchange radiators.  The aluminum covers, using the outside air to cool the bearings, which bear the centrifugal force of the eccentrics, draw the heat away from the bearings.  The covers, with louvers to increase external surface area to air, makes the 300 series a cooler, longer running vibro.  Aluminum has a much higher conduction coefficient (k) value than steel,  Ranked by thermal conductivity, aluminum is 118 [BTU/(HR.ftoF)], steel is 17 [BTU/(HR.ft°F)].

Simply by transferring heat out of the gearbox, the vibro doesn’t heat up as fast and cools down faster.   When the oil stays cooler, the viscosity remains higher, reducing the dreaded heat-generating friction, allowing the equipment to run longer. The contractor drives more piles per run.  Silverback Technology “keeps your hammer running cooler longer”.


Source: American Piledriving Equipment, Inc.

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