Kill Four Birds with One Stone

New Construction Equipment

OK, I admit it.  I tricked the client.  I submitted an abstract to get them on the podium at the DFI Manufacturers, Suppliers & Service Providers Presentation Podium at the 46th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations.  I felt a little guilty about it, as they were going to have to do a little work and pump out a Powerpoint, but since they were there as sponsors and exhibitors, I figured we might as well take advantage of the opportunity to present.  I know they had some developments and innovations that needed sharing so I put them on the spot.  Their abstract was accepted and they will be presenting their new product lines in Vegas.

That’s not even the tricky part.

The tricky part was, we took the presentation and we created 3 press releases out of it.  It’s going to get distributed all over the industry media via our press list and amplify the @#$% out of that little PowerPoint.  Once the articles start to run, we’ll get more mileage out of that content because we’ll be able to post the pieces once they start popping up online and show off a little as industry media news.

I have no regrets.  I fear no reprisals!

Hey!  Sometimes it’s not always easy to get content out of super busy construction industry clients!  You know how it is!  We even have a content VM line set up so people can call in content from the road.  Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  Ok – maybe I feel a wee bit guilty.  It’s not always easy being super-efficient on the client’s behalf, but hey – whatever it takes!

I’d do it again too.  In fact, we do it all the time.  Taking a piece of content or information, and adjusting and transforming it into something that amplifies and serves the client’s interests, isn’t even that tricky.  It’s being a value to the client and smart marketing.

Guilty as charged: Productive and efficient.


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