Managing a Client’s Conference success – A Case History

Construct has our client’s back. A conference exhibition is an investment. We take care of the details to give our clients every chance to have a successful show.

From the regular delivery of the Client Events Schedule for decision-making and planning,
to the safe return of the client exhibit materials, we’ve got a client’s events covered.

This process starts many months in advance…

Attention to detail and experience is everything…

T-minus 12 months: Put it on the radar... Add Conference to client's event schedule.
Attend? Exhibit? Undecided? Not Participating?
T-9 months:Client confirms the conference is a go.
Construct Marketing updates Event Schedule.
Conference marked, "Exhibit. Attend. Sponsor".
Construct checks for the registration schedule.
When does Exhibit Space go on sale? Sponsorships?
Secure block of hotel rooms for client attendees.
Check the cancelation policy. Trim back later.
T-8 months:Construct vies for best exhibit space and sponsorship for client. Secures the best space and sponsorship available. It can be very competitive - but we'll be in the mix to hit 'submit' first!
Report results to client.
T-6 months:Event Schedule updated with all upcoming events "on the radar".
Send to Client Principal...
Send to Client Support personnel... (Anyone attached to the needs of the event, i.e. logistics, admin, travel, etc. etc. etc.)
T-4 months:Display Banners arrive back from another event in poor condition. Plan repair and/or replacement.
Promotional items require a changeup. Recommends ideas to the client and orders.
Event management requires a check-over of conference contact info, description, etc. Construct reviews and advises event management.
T-3 months:Client receives updated Event Schedule with event-specific questions and info:
Who's going?
Any changes for display needed?
Here's a reminder of suggestions from the last event.
There are e.g. "6" rooms we're holding.
There's an exhibit Services Contractor handling drayage - is Jake driving in so we can save $?
Early Bird ends in30 2 weeks. Let's Get # of attendees we're 100% sure on registered and save $.
T-2.5 months:Early Bird ends in 2 days.
Let's Get # of attendees we're 100% sure on registered and save $. Who's going?
By the way, the 2nd night is an open night. Schedule company dinner?
Reservations somewhere?
T-2 months:Electric ordered, preliminary attendees registered at early bird rate.
Restaurant reservations secured for the 2nd night.
Registered attendees are notified, arrival and departure dates requested.
T-1.5 months:Receive new promotional items for the event at Construct Marketing.
Replaced Display Banners are in house and ready to go!
T-1 month:Trim Hotel reservations to actual dates needed for attendees. Good thing too - Hotel sold out.
Exhibit Service Contractor requires inbound 1 week in advance, charges drayage (on top of shipping) for transport to event property which is a hotel. Hotel will accept Guest/Exhibitor materials. Ship to hotel!
Summary of the upcoming event to all parties.
Remind Client support personnel of pending event and advise:
1. Please plan on delivery in time for set-up date.
2. Set-up date is x. Delivery date requested is 'y'. Address for hotel delivery is 'z'.
T-3 weeks:Construct reviews everything related to event.
T-2 weeks:The client advises 2 additional persons attending. Construct places names into 2 of the remaining hotel reservations and advises attendees. Construct registers 2 attendees for the event in time for attendee list deadline.
T-1 week:Client advises 2 additional persons possible attending. 50-50...
Construct places names into final 2 of remaining hotel reservations and advises attendees.
Past attendee list deadline, past event registration refund deadline, no change in price -
Construct will standby to register attendees for event.
T-6 days:Outbound to event hotel via UPS:
Display banners, Smart TV, videos on USB, New Promotional items,
A/V box with electric and A/V support, and packing tape.
Order high top table for exhibit space from Amazon for $200
(Or rent one from Exhibit Services Contractor for $400? Ha!)
T-5 days:Client support personnel advises brochures and T-shirts are sent - provides UPS tracking#.
T-4 days:Client advises 2 additional persons possible NOT attending. The client is glad they were not registered.
Construct communicates to the client summary of who's going and other relevant information. Advises remaining hotel rooms will be canceled to avoid penalty.
Hotel rooms retained until 48 hours prior to arrival per cancellation policy to provide max flexibility.
T-3 days:Unused hotel rooms cancelled without penalty.
T-2 days:Construct Tracks and confirms all materials sent from clients and Construct are received and on property.
T-1 day:
Client personnel arrive at event hotel property.
Construct sends HTML e-mail to event attendees using a list provided by event host association.
E-mail invites attendees to the client's booth, provides event city weather, things to do, dining ideas, and event program summary and useful event links.
Set up Day
Hotel can't find boxes shipped from the client.
Tracking numbers and confirmations sent to hotel shipping and receiving by Construct.
Boxes are located.
Event Day 1Client ready and focused on business development - not event logistics.
Event Day 2Client focus of, and recognized for their sponsorship of the event.
Client uses the opportunity to promote the brand.
Event Day 3;
Exhibitor Breakdown
Construct issued UPS Return Tags for Outbound materials.
Post-Event Construct Tracks Outbound materials back to Construct marketing offices.
Construct Records numbers of materials, literature and promotional items used for the record - reference for next year.
Construct requests client commentary on the event to add to record for future assessment.
Construct ready to act on event connects to build on engagement.
Construct adds dates of next year's event to Client Event schedule.
Construct sends client principal updated Event Schedule to help the client in planning and decision making.

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