Client wanted to understand LinkedIn – LinkedIn 101 followed…

This article originated as an e-mail I assembled for a client who wanted and needed to get their arms around LinkedIn as they waded into the murky waters of social media.


Individual Profile Page on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/compton/

  1. This is how the public sees my individual LinkedIn profile page.
  2. Your own Profile view is slightly different from how your Profile page looks to the public.
    Note: You can view your profile as the public views it if you want.
  3. To Post as “George Compton” I click the blue “IN” (upper left) to go to my “Feed” page. More on the “The Feed” below.


My Company Page (Construct Marketing)
  1. The view from all Public/LinkedIn Users.  My Posts (As Construct Marketing), Info,

  1. Below: The view from my Company Page “Admin” page.
  2. This is where I post as “Construct Marketing” rather than “George Compton”
  3. Show my recent posts and updates.
  4. It is Possible to have multiple managers of a Company Page.  Just make sure everyone’s “on message.”


The LinkedIn “Feed”
  1. From anywhere on LinkedIn, Click the blue square “In” (upper left) to get to your “feed”.
    (Feed: A list or string of posts from Individuals, Companies, Communities/Hashtags, Groups that you follow.).

  1. My LinkedIn feed…
    1. Top of the feed is where I post as “George Compton”
    2. Post 1… Because I follow Malcolm
    3. Post 2… Google Ads paid LinkedIn to put this in my feed.
    4. Left column: “Your Communities” box; I can go see LinkedIn content for these subjects due to the hashtags.
      • #CivilEngineering,
      • #Detailers,
      • #drilledshafts,
      • #rebardetailer,
      • #marineconstruction.

  1. My LinkedIn Feed II (20 min later)
    1. I Follow Martello Piling
    2. A sponsored post (like Google Ads above) was shown in my feed so I ‘hid’ the post to get more relevant posts in my feed
    3. Following AED

  1. My LinkedIn Feed III (20 min later)
    1. I posted a“Hello Pieresearch Post” from the Construct Marketing Company Page.
    2. People could see this post if…
      • They Follow Pieresearch (Because of “@”Pieresearch creates a link)
      • Following:
        • Construct Marketing (Because post originated from Construct Marketing LinkedIn Company Page.)
        • #Construction (due to hashtag/#)
        • #DeepFoundations (due to hashtag/#)
      • Clicking
        • #Construction (due to hashtag/#)
        • #DeepFoundations (due to hashtag/#)
    3. I follow Austin Commercial


Make your own posts: Joining the Feed

In the upper left corner is the blue LinkedIn logo.  Click it to get to the feed.

At the very top of the feed is a dialog box for your posts, “Start a Post”

The result is the posts you post appear on your profile activity and in the feeds of the people that follow you.

If you include hashtags, the posts will also appear in the relevant hashtags followers’ feeds, i.e. #geotechnical.

If you mention People or companies and tag the posts (i.e. ‘@GeorgeR.ComptonIII’) the post appears in their followers feeds.

  1. If you have your own Company Page (or are the Manager of one) you can post as your Company.  See “My Company Page” above.
  2. Just make sure its got value to your ‘Audience’.  Post promotional messages sparingly.

Listening and Hashtags

Following individuals and companies you have an interest in is basic for a good feed, and for listening to the relevant industry.

Tuning-in your feed is helpful for listening…

Hashtags are a great tool for this purpose.

You can click on a #Hashtag to see all the posts on that topic.

You can click follow at the top of a page listing the #Hashtag posts, and that topic will be added to your feed.

Examples of hashtags:










Groups on LinkedIn

  1. Individuals can join groups to receive group posts.
  2. Opportunity for building network & listening to industry.
  3. Post to groups and broaden your reach!


  1. Join some Groups!
  2. Ask for recommendations from connections!
  3. My Network: Look for people you know and connect!
  4. Do you have a company page? Start one!


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