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Construction Video that ROCKS

Here’s how its done.

Construction Video. Get on the client’s job sites. Make sure the crew is all good with PPE and you’re not in their way. Communicate with the foreman and PM. PPE for yourself. Safety training for yourself as required. Check in with the HSE personnel.
Bring donuts.

Make sure you have multiple cameras, multiple angles, more batteries and and storage than you think you need, and a laptop and HDD to back up everything ASAP. With redundancy.

MorrisSheaAction#1 from Construct Marketing on Vimeo.

Take a ton of footage – From up high, down low, wide and tight. Shoot from every possible angle and make sure nothing’s in the field of view that’s going to make the shot unusable. Make sure you have the client’s expectations of the outcome clearly defined. Get the work, the crew expertise (with releases) get the process, and get it again. Use the tricks and experience from having been on hundreds of construction sites in the past 30+ years. Be safe. Have respect for the work and the workers.

Bring donuts.

Double and triple check your backups. Go home and go through everything and see what you’ve got. Carefully catalog the footage to coordinate with your construction video production team so that you can clearly direct the outcome.

Build a relationship with your production people over a decade. Learn what their strengths and weaknesses are. Trust them to receive the footage and check it out for themselves and trust their talent to see things you didn’t. Call out strong elements you want at the construction video forefront. Communicate the vision and listen for their ideas.

Good Construction Video is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Or you can just have Construct Marketing do it.

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