CM gets client project published. Again.

Let’s just say engineers aren’t renowned for their literary skills.  I respect the @#$*! out of engineers and contractors.  Been working with them my entire life.  My dad was one.  But when it comes to getting words to paper, self-promotion, even sales, well, you might say its about the same thing as the results of design-build project engineered and constructed by the marketing guys.  We all have our skills. We go to our strengths, hopefully.  Getting construction content out of construction people is mine.

I have seen the biggest, baddest, toughest, “I’ll push the pile into the bedrock with my bare hands” contractor shudder with fear when I ask for a written account of the project that they just completed.  The project they have so much pride in, the project they put their blood sweat and tears into, the project they laid it all on the line to take on and complete.  OK, it’s not their thing.

It’s my thing.  Specifically, getting the story out of big bad tough contractors, PMs, Supers, even firm principals that sign my checks is my thing.

Hold that thought.  I gotta call the guy I got a promise out of to write a project story on a trestle job in Sacramento.  You hear that Chris?  I’m coming for YOU.

I’m back.  That was call number four.  Email total is about ten.  Chris and I will be fine.  But I started this process about four weeks ago, and I have the commitment, I’ll get the Draft.  I have sent the Construct marketing PDF Form so he can fill out the project details and hit the ground running.  I’ve sent him the link the Construct Marketing online content builder just in case he hates PDF Forms.  If he hates PDF Forms and online forms I sent him the phone number for our voicemail only, babble everything about the project into the voicemail tool, Content Line.  (973.729.7291)  Heck, he can do that on his drive home, or in the bathtub.  Whatever it takes to get the story down.

There’s another one behind that.  Project Manager Raul?  I’ve got your e-mail and cell#.  Start assembling your thoughts.

Today another project I’ve been working on went to the publisher of a Canadian construction magazine.  Quotes from the subcontractor and soil profile, equipment and materials specs, etc. in 600 words, plus photos will be hitting the desks and computer screens around the construction industry in 5-7 days.

Tell your story.

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