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Marketing Firm Creates Two Tools for Developing Content for the Heavy Construction Industry

Construct Content Builder

Construct Marketing LLC, a consulting firm specializing in the delivery of marketing and PR program management in the heavy construction industry, has launched two new tools to promote and encourage the development of technical and project content.

Their new tool called Content Builder is an online form designed to initiate the development of construction content through a series of questions. Content is submitted with as little or as much as the user desires to provide. Upon completion and submission, the form issues an e-mail with all the questions and answers that can be outlined to cultivate content. There are three variations of the content builder designed for geotechnical, structural and general civil works. Users are asked to provide the basics of information on projects and project team members as well as details on foundation selection, soil profiles, for example, in order to provide the basis for a content draft.

Users can share the results of the content builder with other individuals and develop the draft information as a team into abstracts, articles, press releases, project summaries, case histories, social media posts, news and other construction-related content. Photos, video and other media can be uploaded directly from the content builder and cloud-based files can be shared from within Content Builder. The online content builder is available for free through the Construct Marketing website,  Use of Content Builder is open to the public and no registration is required.

“The persistent challenge of getting construction industry personnel to communicate the amazing works they achieve on a regular basis required a solution,” says George Compton, principal of Construct Marketing. “Magazine editors are starving for content, associations regularly struggle to fill podiums for experts to share their knowledge, digital platforms all require content in order to be effective. These two content-building tools are very simple, yet practical options to help get construction professionals off of a blank page and get their stories started.”

The second tool that Construct Marketing has launched is their “Construct Content Line.” The Construct Content Line is a voicemail-only phone line instituted to provide another means for clients to relay content while on the road or in the field. Clients simply call the content line and dictate information relative to a project or other announcement which Construct Marketing will develop into a draft for client review and refinement.

There is a guide available on the Construct Marketing website to assist clients with providing information on the Content Line. The content line can be reached at 1+ (973) 729.7291.

Please contact George Compton with any inquiries:, 1+ (973) 729.7290.

Company information

Construct Marketing LLC is a consulting firm specializing in the delivery of marketing and PR program management, products and services to companies practicing in the heavy construction industry. For over 10 years, Construct Marketing has provided program management, creative, technical and media expertise and serves as our construction industry clients’ marketing department.

We bridge the span between construction and marketing.

Media Contact:

George R. Compton III, Principal
Construct Marketing LLC
30 Payne Road
​Newton, New Jersey 07860 USA
v: 973.729.7290
f: 973.721.9001

Source: Construct Marketing LLC

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