Tradeshow Client Opportunities: Anticipate.

Anticipate conference opportunities and needs.  Table for 15 in The Big Easy?

Our client is going big to a tradeshow in New Orleans and of course, we’ve got them rolling in without worry. But its a city where reservations at the good restaurants can be tough, especially a large party. Better not wait, anticipate.  They don’t want to end up at Krystal Burger.  So Construct Marketing has this on the radar long before most folks think, “Hey, let’s see if we can get into Brennan’s while we’re in NOLA.”

We shot our client 4 dining options for the French Quarter New Orleans:

  1. The Fancy restaurant from one of the original celebrity chefs in America.
  2. The Old dining establishment that everyone has to go to if they ever spend any time in NOLA.
  3. Nice but lesser known Creole restaurant in the French Quarter.
  4. The hip cool trendy spot!

Better not wait, anticipate.

Either way they go, we’ve got them covered.

They’re going to miss the Big Gala and hotel chicken, but that’s our client’s decision.

We’ll help make their evening at the conference “an experience”.  Off with them to one of the best restaurants in one of the best restaurant towns in the world.

Sometimes clients can take advantage of an opportunity like a conference to meet out of context, or team build, cover some idea in depth or just get to know each other better.  When Construct Marketing looks at a conference schedule in advance of the event, we may be able to help a client look for these opportunities. As we get to know a client better, we are able to better tune in what they like to do. Three options seemed optimal.  We had other options but from communication with the client (COMMUNICATIONS!!!) we concluded that walking distance would be preferred, and a certain style of restaurant would be appropriate. This is where knowing the client helps to make for a better experience, and we do know care to disappoint!

Having everyone sit through speeches at the annual awards gala may not be the best use of the opportunity.

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