Update Construction Directory Client Listing

Construction directories are an effective means of being the right place when clients what to find prices, or new suppliers, or providers of services.  Professional associations and construction publications provide targeted market sectors to place your company information into your focus demographic.  Deadlines to be in and update these directory listings come and go and a simple ‘yeah fine’ may cause you to miss out on maximizing the benefit of the directory listing or worse publishing an error in the information.  Its a little thing but important to keep the trail of company information accurate and current.

Construction Directories as a promotional tool

Don’t put out into the published world what you cannot track and keep current.  Most directories will ask for regular updates as a way of encouraging engagement. However, it is wise to keep track of where your company is listed.  A listing with out of date contacts or contact information may be worse than no listing at all.   Strategize description and contacts.  Consider your company brand in the context of the directory readership when creating the description of services or assigning contacts.  Does it highlight the scope of the products or services that the readership is seeking?  If not, why be in there?  Does it offer value to the readership?

Association and targeted construction publication directories can provide very focused channels into market segments. Being absent from the right ones is a missed opportunity. Being it the wrong ones is a waste of time.  Fortunately, a construction directory listing is often free and accompanies either an ad or is a benefit of a membership in an association.

In construction?  Be in this one: The Blue Book (Link to Free listing)

In Marine/Deep Foundations construction?  Be in this one: The Buck from PileBuck

Construction Directories as an SEO tool

In the ongoing quest to get to page 1 of Google search results, the listing of your company information in online directories can play a helpful role.  The inclusion of your website address in a link or hyperlink (clickable URL address) on a website weighs heavily on the factors considered in the rankings of return of search engines, i.e. Google, Bing, etc.  Such instances of backlinks, or links to your website on other’s people sites, will help your ranking, or placement, in the search results that include your website. Backlinks are among the most important involved in search engine optimization (SEO).

As a liaison between the client and the client’s professional associations, as well as regular publishing vehicles, Construct Marketing works with both the client and the association management to make sure these opportunities don’t slip by and that the client maintains updated information around the industry.

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