Client E-mail Blast Next Week…

A quality e-mail development process works if the client is a partner.

  1. Which means it started today reminding everyone that the e-mail was going out next week.  Everyone’s contributions would be due next Tuesday.
  2. Well, then again it probably started about a month ago. We e-mailed everyone for the first time to “Get ready to get ready!
    Start to think about it!”
  3. The day before that I communicated with the client principals to plan for strategic content.
  4. Now that I think about it, months before that that we went through all the available e-mail databases, merged, organized and processed the contacts to optimize the lists.
  5. Ya know – to do that, we had to have data. From the get-go, we worked with individuals at the client company to make sure it was part of the company culture to consider leads and data as an asset.  Whenever available,  collect and gather contact info – events, social media, individual lists, etc. etc. etc.
  6. Trust.  No one at the client or any client for that matter was about just to take our word that we needed their e-mail lists, so we needed to build trust.  We didn’t seek purposely to build trust.  However, we worked hard on the client’s behalf, did the right thing where ever and whenever, and had our clients’ peoples’ backs always.
  7. Therefore, this all started years back with an interactive PDF form we created to help individuals start content.  Today we have an online content builder – now client personnel can do it online.
  8. One of the first discussions with the client was about infrastructure: Data is an asset.  Grow a collection of professional photos.  Develop a professional brand and keep it consistent.  Create channels for outreach.  Build relationships: the crews on the site and in the rigs to the principals, admins and estimating department.  We will need all these elements next week to put together our client’s e-mail – Just a simple little e-mail blast.

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