Create DropBox Folder to centralize Client Marketing files.

When we started with “Client X” their website developer turned out to be a real shady character.  The client didn’t event have a backup of their website and the developer wouldn’t provide the files.  The client had to start over.  After finishing the update of the website for the client, we placed a copy of the website files and data in a Dropbox folder.  We put the website folder in a Main folder and shared it with the client.

When it came time to redo the client’s brochure, the old files were hard to come by.  no one was quite sure who’s computer they were on.  We dug.  We asked.  We got some files that we were able to get something out of and banged out a much better brochure for the client, but didn’t have to completely reinvent the wheel, or any copy.  Upon completion we placed the old brochure files in the ‘Archive’ subfolder of the ‘Brochure’ folder and the new files for the brochure we did in the Brochure folder.  Client paid for it.  Client can access it.  Just seems right.

Since then, we’ve collected and organized photographs, graphics, data, case histories, design elements, branding and other assets in the centralized DropBox folder that the client can go to for all things marketing.

“Be an asset to the client”


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