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To maximize exposure for a developing product, Construct Marketing wrote and issued a press release on our client’s behalf. The release was disseminated via our own 500+ editor construction industry media presslist and through PR Web’s Newswire service. See example here.

Construct Marketing press releases not only serve to disseminate information through industry channels but also to take advantage of the general press’ interest in construction items. This increases reach and increases website traffic. As media outlets and platforms pick up and run the news item they create backlinks to the website and specific products, services and features. This not only enhances website traffic but in so doing, strengthens the site’s search engine optimization (SEO) as search engines such as Google pick up the links directed to your site and the corresponding traffic relative to the search subject matter.

That’s the 1-2 punch

Industry media editors recognize the arrival of news from Construct Marketing. We disseminate news releases via a dedicated merge e-mail to industry editors we know and who know us. We send enough of them so that editors respect our relevant, muddy soles construction industry information. But we’re not a press release machine. When our releases do arrive, they get the attention they deserve.

Using a tool like Newswire in tandem with our dedicated press list squeezes the most out of a news item. The reach and benefit to your website SEO is fantastic. The benefit of content to Social Media is a great method to differentiate company announcements from your everyday news feed. Clients post the news item link to their Website, LinkedIn Company Page, Facebook page, etc. It gets peoples’ attention when the post is an article from a recognized industry media source or even national or regional media source. Take a look at our newsroom here.

What we have learned about press releases.

Mainly, we have learned that the editors of the construction industry trade media is hungry for news – your news.

Construct Marketing has been sending press releases since we used to print cover letters to editors, stuff into envelopes along with the release and send to construction industry trade publication editors across the globe. THOUGH THE MAIL! We’ve learned a few things since then. We’ve built some relationships with just a few industry media contacts too. Building and refining our heavy civil construction industry press list is a constant endeavor. We’ve been at it since before the below photo was taken! (That camera had 4 mega pixels y’all! Woof!) No wonder we have over 500+ construction magazine editors on that list!

Press Release Draft
Press Release Photo circa 2006

Sure but how do you get the information to Construct Marketing?
We have ways of making you talk…


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