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25 Jun 2017

2018 Ad Insertion Orders: Prepare & Review…

The nuts and bolts of running an advertising campaign.  How do the new prices compare to the previous cycle?  Are Construct’s clients getting the best placement possible?  Are we taking advantage of any editorial opportunities that, while not quid pro quo in journalism, nonetheless build on top of relationships we have with various construction industry titles, and if we can get some copy space, we will? As for the insertion orders, following the advertising budget we ensure the best for […]

25 Jun 2017
Client review ad budget

Draft Advertising budget to client for reveiw…

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Where to spend the advertising dollar?  Depends. First cycle?  What magazines sit on the coffee table in your clients’ reception area?  Ask your clients what they are reading, electronic and print media.  Where do you find the subject matter related to your products and services?  Any associations focused in your market area? Second Cycle? Assess and measure and review the performance of the past cycle’s placements.  How do you know?  You have to ask.  Otherwise its best-guesswork. […]

25 Jun 2017

Newsletter Archive Test Post

The difference between “doing some marketing” and “running a marketing engine”. The fundamentals… ï‚·  Data: Client data… Industry data… A crucial tool forcommunications and marketing. Manage it as an essential asset. ï‚·  Photography: A need of every point of this sheet.Don’t miss an opportunity to compile strong imagery. ï‚·  Content: From copywriting to social media streams:Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. ï‚·  Management: Plan, Budget & Schedule. Revise.

25 Jun 2017
Construct Marketing Press Release

Press Release: Client Product Announcement

To maximize exposure for a developing product, Construct wrote and issued a press release which was disseminated via our own 500+ editor construction industry Presslist (ConstructPressList) as well as through PR Web’s Newswire which was picked up by hundreds of news outlets.  Construct Marketing press releases not only serve to disseminate information through industry channels, although this is primary, but also to take advantage of general press’ interest in construction items, creating backlinks  and enhancing website traffic and accordingly search […]