Client event needs some Promotion!

Construct Marketing to the rescue!

The data is ready because we didn’t just wake up and decide to do some marketing.  We’ve been building this clients database for years.
An e-mail seems like the best Step #1, and luckily we’ve got a good understanding of the subject matter because we are persistent question askers and really insist on understanding our client’s products and services and value proposition and market every step of the way.  We also have the Photography because we’ve made that happen.  We’ve collected photos from personnel within the company and organized them on Dropbox so everyone can access.  So any project is ready for us to to move fast.

Our client trusts us.  We run an E-mail delivery via Constant Contact and mange the subscription which we pass to the client at cost.  That’s just one of the ways we build trust.  Costs at Cost.

So we’ve got the data, the knowledge, the photography and the trust of our client.  Time to get to work.

We run the e-mail broadcast.  Optimized for max delivery and opens.

We distribute a Press Release to the Construct Marketing Press List reaching 1000+ editorial contacts in the construction media.

We use PRweb Newswire to disseminate the Press release farther afield, gaining general press coverage, and pumping us the client website traffic as an ancillary benefit.

We call, email, cajole our focus area contacts and ask for ad space, editorial space, any space that will help create awareness.  Our relationships do not let us down and the fine association professionals and journalists we do business with every day get the word out far and wide on our client’s behalf.

As for the event itself, we also have a ton of event management experience which we’re glad to put to use for our client, but understand they want to run things out of the host office.  We advise, we ask questions, we support.  We look at maps, we look at scheduling, we review invitations and track responses. We think like attendees.  We make suggestions.  Wherever we can help, we do it.  We seek things to make the guests experience a good experience.  Why?  The success of our client is our success.

That bears repeating:

The success of our client is our success.



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