New Display picked up at Skyline. Delivered & set up.

There are many vendors with whom we have long relationships.  Skyline displays is one of them.
So when a client decided to make changes to their display banners, right before a conference exhibit, we could make it happen.
Our experience with the production process, our relationships with the vendor personnel and luckily our own proximity to the vendor and the event made this possible.
Construct Marketing’s event/conference and exhibition experience tends to pay off time and time again.  This was one of those times.

The timeframe to turn around a creative project like this and get it right, and get on site for the start of the event would be tight but we committed to it.
Design had to get creative and fast.  We pushed.  We designed, revised &  proofed in under 3 days.  We would pay a premium for the fast production turn round but it was approved by the client so full steam ahead. Still, the best we could do was get the displays finished FOB at the vendor by end of day, the day of exhibitor set-up.

Construct Marketing’s Principal was waiting at the vendor for the new displays at 4:30 PM.
At 5:00 PM the new displays were sitting in traffic short of the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.
5:30 PM – Client reps check in to conference hotel which had been sold out for 2 months.  Construct Marketing reserved rooms 6 months ago.
At 6:00 PM the displays on a cart being wheeled to the exhibit hall by a bellman.
6:00 PM Already pre-registered by Construct Marketing, client reps check in for conference and collect badges.
6:30 PM – The new displays are set up and show some of the clients latest and greatest work.
6:31 PM – Boxes of company literature, Give-aways, USBs, as ordered by Construct Marketing are opened and the client exhibit has exactly what they need.
7:00 PM Exhibit Hall opens.  The client spread out the last of their literature on their exhibit table and get ready to do what they’re good at.
7:01 PM Client’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram feeds post a photo of their exhibit and invitation to visit and meet their representatives.



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